MY STYLE: Always comfortable yet chic, with classic details and timeless accessories. I love chain necklaces and cult bags that hold an important place in fashion.

I LOVE MILAN BECAUSE: Milan is the perfect mixture of chic and child-friendly, providing amusements for myself as a mother and as a woman. This busy city has everything one needs, from children’s parks to relaxing cafés. There is always something new to try and one never runs out of options. My husband and I can organize a fun day for the kids or a relaxing evening out, never having to travel too far from home.


Trattoria del Carmine

At Trattoria del Carmine, there’s more seating outside in the piazza than inside the restaurant, which happens to be quaint and family-owned. The menu infuses Mediterranean flavors into such traditional Milanese dishes as risotto al salto, battuta di manzo, and ice cream Dai-Dai. The surrounding Brera neighborhood is perfect for an after-dinner stroll.


Cremeria Buonarroti

Since 1920, Cremeria Buonarroti has been delighting visitors with rich, creamy ice creams and fresh baked confections. The quaint Old World ice cream shop is housed in its original storefront, and it has a tearoom and ample outdoor seating perfect for enjoying a scoop (or one of the cafe menu offerings) and some people-watching on a hot day. Order the brioche in any variety, especially chocolate!


Palazzo Borromeo

A visit to the Borromeo Castle on Isola Bella is a glimpse into how Count Vitaliano Borromeo and his noble family lived in the mid-1600s. Today, the sprawling Baroque manse—surrounded by tiered gardens influenced by Babylon—is as much of an impeccably maintained gilded treasure as it was back then. The art in the palazzo is extremely impressive, and just past the throne room is an extra gallery containing previously undisplayed Borromeo family paintings from the 15th through the 17th centuries. For those interested in learning more about the paintings, a bookstore on the property offers research materials in addition to gifts and natural soaps.

Padiglione Arte Contemporanea

Designed by Ignazio Gardella in 1949, the PAC is committed to showcasing mostly 20th-century contemporary art from around the globe, with exhibits ranging from showcases of rural Russian art to the impressive pop-culture portraits of Swiss photographer René Burri, and everything in between. And the building is a site – and a story – in itself. Gardella’s original geometric-inspired structure was destroyed by a Mafia-staged bombing in 1993. He rebuilt it in 1996, and it remains one of the most advanced museum galleries in the world.


Pleasures Skate & Snowboard

Pleasures, a groovy little chain of skate and snowboard shops started by 2 friends, has everything you need to shred both snow and street. Think Vans sneakers, Oakley shades, and Burton boards. And with the Italian Alps only a few hours from Milan by car, there’s opportunity to hit some serious skiing. Luckily, Pleasures makes custom snowboard bindings. Just tell them what color you want after your fitting, and you’re ready to ride.