More Easter Egg Ideas: Digital Stella McCartney Eggs!

We decorated an Easter egg with Stella McCartney.

Naturally, one of the best things about the Easter holiday is the decorating of Easter eggs. (That, and bunny-shaped chocolates.) And now, with the help of the Internet and Stella McCartney, Easter egg decorating can become a fun-filled digital experience too. In the “Kids” section of Stella’s World at, parents and kids alike can create their own Easter eggs with an assortment of eyes, ears, and accessories that can be used to create a plethora of characters in the vein of Mr. Potato Head. Once you put the finishing touches, your creation animates and literally goes bonkers—something that all children love to see.

This online interactive game in celebration of Easter is a great way to put your kids in the mood for the pastels, caramel eggs, and the all-around cuteness associated with the day of the Easter bunny. In addition, Stella McCartney will also be offering a free Egg with a bunny with every kids purchase at Stella McCartney stores and their website. Now on to more important things—do I add a mustache or a ribbon?