Moms on Vine

What do you think of the new video app?

Vine took over the social media world last week. Have you had a chance to check it out? The new app lets users capture and share six-second looping videos on their smart phones. We were curious to find out what moms thought about Vine, so we asked a few for their opinions.

Rebecca Martin, a mom of two from Manhattan (and one of our favorite pinners!), is excited about the app. “I’m planning on doing a 350 part documentary of my existential views of the importance of clowns in modern day society…just kidding, I’m just going to take videos of my kids,” she says.

Megan Leigh Mayer-Rothbarth from San Francisco says she is going to use vine to “make funny short videos for my own amusement (and any friends on board)” and is hopeful that “people share short and sweet how-to-videos.” Me too!

Leigh Pennebaker of Marvelous Kiddo already has a qualm: “I wish I could block users or protect my feed!”

Corinne Monson is frank: “I really see it as another self-obsessed vanity platform. Can I say that? Look how cute my kid are! I’m so much more creative than you! Ugh. That being said—I have it downloaded on my phone and have messed around with it a bit.”

Jennifer Cooper of Classic Play says, “My 10 year old wanted to set up her own account. It’s all the rage with the young uns.”

Liz Stanley writes, “I don’t like that it can’t make your videos looks fancy and better, the way Instagram can makes your photos look great with filters. But. I love how easy it is to make a mini stop motion film. It’s so much harder with a real camera. That part I love.”

Lisa Allen of Back to Allen admits that she hasn’t signed up. “I think I’m social media’d out.” Fair enough.

What’s your opinion of Vine?

UPDATE: “Twitter now requires people to certify they are at least 17 years old before running the Apple version of the company’s video app Vine. Twitter says the iOS app is for adults because it contains ”frequent/intense sexual content or nudity,” among other things, signaling that Vine will continue to traffic in risqué content.”