Mommy’s Little Helper: Global Gophers

Shop the world over by clicking your mouse, not stamping your passport

The Internet has made our lives easier in plenty of ways, but for those of us with international tastes, web shopping still presents some hurdles (namely, most websites only ship within their own country).

Enter Global Gophers—a company that allows shoppers to purchase any item from any UK or U.S. store or website through an easy, secure process. Simply fill out an order form describing what you want and from which country, wait to receive a quote from “gophers” in that country, and then confirm the order. Thanks to Global Gopher’s negotiated account with FedEx, shipping rates are swift and low.

The business began as a way for expats to receive the toiletries and foods they knew and loved from home, but Global Gophers soon expanded to include—and even emphasize—clothing, bags, and shoes. Polo Ralph Lauren and Toms are among the most requested brands, but the company has also shipped a Bowflex halfway around the world (true story), not to mention official soccer jerseys, special gluten-free almond flour, and feminine products galore. The owner—who had a terrible time finding bras and shoes in her size while living in Japan—understands what it’s like for necessary goods to be out of reach, and seldom is a request too hard (or bizarre) for her company to grant. Check out the website to see a list of most commonly requested items, which includes American Girl dolls, clothing from UK-based Village Kids, and Missoni throw pillows.

As for the daily operation, “there are no set hours,” says the owner. “Because of all the time differences we’re under, our team members can work on their own schedule.” Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that many members of the global team are moms.