Molly Sims Credits This Fertility Smoothie for Her ‘Honeymoon Baby’

When it comes to getting pregnant, it can be a roll of the dice. You may be lucky and find yourself knocked up right away, or, like millions of women, you could spend frustrating months without a positive pregnancy test. There are numerous factors to consider: stress levels, age, body weight, overall health and more. To increase fertility, it’s essential to address all aspects of our minds and bodies.

Doula and pregnancy coach Lori Bregman’s program, Rooted for Life, is a complete mind and body support system for prospective moms. “While prepping someone for pregnancy, the first thing I do is take all the unhealthy things out of their diet. After I detoxify them, I begin adding healthy things back in that nourish their bodies,” says Bregman. “Something I suggest for all my clients to drink pre-pregnancy is my fertility smoothie. Not only does it taste amazing, but it does so many awesome things to enrich your body to prepare it for pregnancy. Everyday millions of old cells die and new cells are born; the antioxidants and greens in this smoothie help feed the new cells that are being made.”

Indeed, many of Lori’s celebrity clients have whipped up batches of her fertility smoothie in preparation for pregnancy. “I knew that getting pregnant doesn’t always happen overnight,” says Molly Sims, who consulted with Lori throughout her pregnancy. “I know this recipe had something to do with the wonderful honeymoon baby we were blessed with.”

Each ingredient in Bregman’s smoothie serves a distinct purpose: From nourishing the endocrine system to promoting healthy cell growth, it’s all blended into this delicious fertility potion.

Rooted For Life Fertility Smoothie

Frozen mixed organic berries
Almond, rice, coconut or hemp milk (You can also use organic milk.)
Protein powder–something natural and clean without a lot of additives or soy
2 shoots of wheat grass–you can use powder, fresh shots or a frozen product (I like Evergreen.)
Maca Root Powder
Acai berries
Mixed powered greens
Royal Jelly (*If you are allergic to bees do not use.)
Bee pollen (*Again, don’t use if you have a bee allergy.)
Liquid omegas or 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Mix all ingredients together in a blender. Depending on thickness, adjust milk dosage to desired consistency.