Michelle Obama takes a turn as a guest editor

Back to school signals not just a return to learning, but one to hectic schedules for the whole family. In the midst of making sure the trains—or at least the carpools—run on time, concerns about whether those carrots are organic can be among the first to go by the wayside. That’s where Michelle Obama, First Lady and now guest web editor, comes in. This week, she’s answering questions on iVillage about how to keep your wits and virtuous priorities about you during this exciting yet potentially overwhelming time. “I hope to start a community dialogue…to get our kids off to a great start in this school new year and help our families be healthier,” she said. Throughout the week, she’ll contribute to the food, parenting, and health sections of the site. Day 1 kicked off with a post on grocery shopping for healthy foods. Obama’s advice? “Make a list, and stick to it!” she says. Ask your own questions here, then check back for more First Wifely wisdom.