Master One of Summer 2014’s Hottest New Makeup Trends

Summer makeup application hinges on one key concept: minimalism. Yes, there’s waterproof lipstick, smudge proof eyeliner and a whole raft of ostensibly humidity- and beach-friendly products, but real life inevitably turns out messier than we’ve hoped and planned. With rising temperatures wreaking havoc on our sweat glands and sunscreen reapplication to think about, a fresh face complemented by a few fun accents is far preferable to full-on glam.

Inspired by the doe-eyed models at Stella McCartney’s resort 2015 presentation, this season we’re all about rocking a natural sunshine-induced glow with a little burst of volume just around the baby blues. Whether you’re into Dior’s new line of colored mascaras or you prefer a more traditional black tube, here are the tricks for creating lush, feathery lashes that’ll add a touch of flair to your easy-breezy summer look.


1. Start by curling your lashes gently from root to tip.

2. Once you’ve attained that wide-eyed shape, apply three coats of product to the root of the upper lashes by wiggling the brush gently against the base of the lashes. Give each coat time to dry (but not too much time, or clumping may result!) by alternating between eyes. By strengthening the base of the eyelashes with triple-layered mascara, you help your lashes stay lifted.

3. Apply a final coat over the entire length of the eyelash.

(Note: Be sure to use a clean wand! In order to avoid clumping, removing excess product from the brush by wiping with a fresh cloth or paper towel prior to application.)


1. Curl your eyelashes after applying product. This can cause breakage.

2. Pump your wand in and out of the mascara tube. This forces air to flow in and out of the container, drying out the liquid inside and leading to clumping and waste.

3. Shy away from mixing mascaras. Following up one coat of volumizing formula with a layer of lengthening mascara can help you achieve the best of both worlds