Marissa Kraxberger Treats Her Little Girl To A Manicure and Pedicure

While I truly believe in keeping children young and innocent as long as possible, I think sharing my beauty routine with the little lady is natural…when she wants to wear lipstick, I let her wear organic lib balm (I love the Brooklyn-based brand SW Basics, they make fun flavors of organic lip balm).

Like me, she loves to have her nails painted. Planning a little afternoon mommy-daughter date at the nail salon is so fun and it is amazing how mature she looks sitting in a chair getting her toenails painted. The ladies at the salon were just dying over her, and so was I. I let her pick her colors at home ahead of time because I only like to use child-safe nail polish on her. Some great non-toxic nail polish brands are: Piggy Paint, Hopscotch Kids, and Eco-Princess.

Are you excited about painting your little ones’ nails? Check out our slideshow above for some examples of adorable mini manicures.

Marissa Kraxberger is Head of Creative Services at Oscar de la Renta and the voice behind the brand’s childrenswear blog, George & Ruby. Each month over this summer, she will share her resolutions and tell us how she fared at achieving them