OCCUPATION: Art dealer

MY STYLE: Classic, clean, and sophisticated, but with an edge. Generally speaking, I believe less is more. During the day I like to wear comfortable clothes such as trousers, skinny jeans, and cashmere sweaters. I’m passionate about boots and hats. I also like to add a touch of color with a hat, scarf, or earrings. My house is quite modern. It’s full of contemporary paintings, old black and white artistic photos and some antique pieces of Chinese furniture.

I LOVE LONDON BECAUSE: It has a wide range—museums, galleries, parks, great schools…and the best yoga studios. It’s an energetic, interesting, and fascinating city that is super well-connected to other European places where I travel a lot.

The National Gallery

In the heart of London you’ll find the famous Trafalgar Square—home to the ever-grand National Gallery, which houses some of Europe’s finest artistic masterpieces. Founded when the British government purchased the collection of banker John Julius Angerstein, the gallery has since expanded to works by masters from Titian to Cézanne. The whole family can enjoy free “Walk and Talk” tours, which are currently designed around the Metamorphosis: Titian summer exhibition. Littler art aficionados should check out Magic Carpet Storytelling Sundays.

The Wolseley

With former lives as a car showroom and a bank, the building was renovated yet again in 2003, resulting in its is current incarnation as London’s most decadent tea room. Marble columns, high ceilings, and the Venetian palazzo create the perfect ambiance for hedge funder business chatter. The duck confit, seven-hour lamb and steak frites are delicious for lunch, but the light teatime sandwiches and desserts are not to be missed at high tea. It’s no surprise, too, that The Wolseley gets its share of actors including, famously, Jack Nicholson.


Maria Sibilia Afan de Ribera loves her yoga. When founder Jonathan Sattin first opened this studio in 2000, classes were free and long lines snaked around the street. Ever since, enthusiasm has hardly waned, as Triyoga is still committed to providing the highest quality of instruction (yoga, pilate, and massage) to men, women (pregnant or not), kids, and seniors. Children are highly encouraged to attend as well, as yoga can help improve their posture, flexibility, sleep patterns, and even confidence!

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Holland Park

There’s a lot packed into this park, one of the smallest in London. In addition to the dahlias, roses, woodlands, and Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park also houses a youth hostel, playground (complete with a tire swing and see-saw), open-air theatre, and—believe it or not—several saddleback pigs, as they are known to help with woodland management. Kids will love to watch them roll around in the mud!

Harvey Nichols

Originally a small linen shop, Harvey Nichols has grown to rival huge department stores like Harrods and is often referred to as its, “younger, more fashionable cousin.” The flagship in central London features eight floors filled to the brim with designer fashions, beauty, and lifestyle products. The “Fifth Floor,” which is actually at the top of the building, offers gourmet restaurants, a bar—where you can take Cocktail Master Classes—a food market, and finally, a wine shop. If you don’t feel like shopping ‘til you drop, the Fifth Floor is also just a great place to enjoy the view of west London.


A modern twist on the traditional Chinese teahouse, Yauatcha in London’s SoHo was an instant success and won a Michelin star within the first year of opening. They have the “best dim sum in town,” says Maria Sibilia. Partially located underground, the dark mood lighting evokes a sexy, private atmosphere, which is counteracted by the energy coming from the open kitchen. The menu is comprised of Chinese grazing dishes, meaning that you can sample a lot of different dishes without filling up. You can also go beyond the boarders of China and try some teas from India, as well as Yauatcha’s handmade macaroons and chocolates.



What began in 1889 as a local bakery in Northern France is now an international “go-to” spot for delicious, crusty, and authentic bread. We admire Paul’s ability to uphold a quaint, around-the-corner vibe while still maintaining utter consistency in quality and taste.