Marble-Print Accents Are the Perfect Minimalist Touch

Black and white: it’s the cornerstone of modern home décor. And if your interior design sensibilities are along the minimalist lines of less-is-more, you probably have little use for bright colors or ornate touches, and these sentiments will sound familiar: Gilded frames? Pass. Printed sofas? No way. Antique rugs? Cool… but for someone else.

Fair enough, but the minimalist home can often run the risk of looking like a doctor’s office. To avoid a clinical-type home setting, try adding some accents to your space to liven it up. Don’t worry–we understand that you like a clean look. That’s why we rounded up a selection of marble-print pieces.

Unlike fancy florals and other bright patterns, this print is best suited for the resolute minimalist. True, it’s a little whimsical, with its swirling lines, but it also embodies an austere aesthetic. And since it was the favored motif of Roman emperors, adding such pieces in your home puts in you in a great company. As jewelry designer Eddie Borgo told The Wall Street Journal: “There’s something very regal and timeless about marble.”