Le Bretagne


Address: 4-2 Kagurazaka , Tokyo , JP
Website: www.le-bretagne.com
Phone: +81 03 3235 3001

Far from the breathtaking sights and sounds of Brittany, France, Le Bretagne serves up a slice of true French culinary heaven. Let the delicious aromas of buckwheat crêpes that cocoon traditional fillings like ham, eggs, or cheese, and are served with sweet syrups and jams transport you. Or try a galette, the savory version of the traditional sweet crêpes we are accustomed to that originated in Brittany. Those made at Le Bretagne are not only delectable and authentic, but perfect for the health conscious, since buckwheat is full of vitamins and a source of fiber. However, don’t expect to be filled to the brim, since the delicate galettes serve as more of an afternoon snack or quick bite. Pair them down with a quenching drink of the freshly made cider for a relaxed afternoon.