OCCUPATION: Maternity lifestyle expert, Founder of Mama Glow, and author of Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy

MY STYLE: My personal style is chic and elegant, punctuated with a little Bohemian flair. I’m a Taurus (an earth sign), and I love mixing elegant pieces into my every day style. I love prominent jewelry that accentuates my long fingers and long neck. Layering in the fall is something I do too well. With friends Zac Posen and Rebecca Minkoff in my corner, I’m never at a loss for what to wear. At home, candles and chandeliers are everywhere. It’s cozy with altars, photographs, artwork, and lots of cashmere throws. I’m into mindfulness practices and entertaining, so my apartment is a serene and beautiful space. Plus, my son’s DJ equipment turns our home into an instant disco at any hour.

I LOVE NEW YORK BECAUSE: New York is a city of dreams; anything is possible here. Because everyone comes here to be their best, the city exudes a certain hustler energy—a good environment for a hardworking, multi-tasking, well-balanced entrepreneur. I love the diversity! New York offers children culture, the arts, a wide array of food options, and a certain level of empathy if they are exposed to what the city has to offer. We get out of the city quite often, but I’m always happy to return home.


Jay Kos is a by-appointment boutique for dandyish men. Located in bustling Nolita, the space, with its opulent decor and antique armoirs stuffed with custom designs, exudes vibrance and attitude. Suits in tweed and linen are accented by items in exotic animal skins and furs in seemingly every color of the rainbow. Shop and stay a while; an in-store kitchen is stocked with treats prepared to order. Latham Thomas says of the shop, “it’s my go-to store for the men in my life, and it’s also a hip hangout for youngsters. [My son and I] love the textures, colors, and vibe.”



WellNEST is many things: a home goods store, medicine shop, and yoga studio with its own radio show. Latham Thomas describes it as a “luxury eco-lifestyle boutique,” and calls the spot one of her “favorite places on the planet,” for its supply of hard-to-come-by finds including John of God jewelry, Pharmacopoeia essential oils, and Le Labo candles. WellNEST even offer healing arts services, all out of the freestanding house this holistic health center calls home. Homey and helpful, it’s a great place to look for special gifts. Even Thomas’ ten year-old son loves the shop; it’s where he got his beloved gold piggy bank.



Pure Food and Wine is a raw food restaurant near Union Square. Nothing is heated over a certain temperature, but the food processors and dehydrators are capable of whipping up an inventive menu that even health food ambivalents concede is tasty. Plus, the food leaves you feeling healthy and wholesome. Customers rave about the lasagna as well as the lovely garden, which can accommodate parties and weddings. For Latham Thomas, a vegan who regularly brings her son, Fulano, it’s all about dessert: “The Mallomar and Lemon Bar are to die for.”


Soho House New York

This six-story hotel and club in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District might be just the place for you…if you can get in. Like the original in London and its various outposts in fashionable hubs like West Hollywood and Miami Beach, it’s open only to members, many of whom occupy the higher echelons of the media, fashion, publishing, and art worlds (with a limited number of guest rooms available for the aspiring plebeian!). Inside, you’ll find a restaurant, bar, drawing room, cinema, and the famous heated rooftop pool, perfect for showing off your swimsuit on a sweltering day. Rosie Pope prefers to relax at the wonderful Cowshed Spa while her kids are otherwise engaged (and supervised) with fun children’s activities.


Bar Pitti

Like Da Silvano next door, Bar Pitti is a West Village favorite for some veal meatballs or a bowl of tagliatelle. Plenty of other delectable options can be found on the chalkboard, which goes nicely with the mirrored wall and casual elegance of the place. There are also simple wooden tables, which fill and turn quickly. “The staff is great with kids, and we believe it’s the best Italian food in the city,” she says.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“The Met” is not only the country’s largest museum, but also the most encyclopedic, as its collection covers everything from Ancient Greek sculpture to contemporary installation work. Michelle Smith recommends tackling the massive museum( which has over two million square feet) in smaller sections. “During fall and winter months, I’m here with my kids every weekend,” she says. “Even if it’s just for an hour!”

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The High Line

Set on repurposed freight train tracks, the High Line rises high above the city streets, boasting sweeping views of the skyline and the Hudson River. “I lived in Chelsea while this public park was being built, and it is a very special part of New York to me,” says Kelsey Banfield. “Sometimes it’s peaceful and meditative, other times it’s alive with people and bursting with energy. Just like New York itself.” Best of all, the verdant paths (there are also themed tours for botany enthusiasts) are dotted with seating areas, and will lead you to coffee shops and gelato stands galore.