Kim Kardashian Reveals The Secret To Her Pin-Straight Hair

We must confess, we love Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices as of late. Chalk it up to motherhood or the influence of designer beau Kanye West, but her Alaia ensembles, Tom Ford heels, Wang booties and multiple Max Maras have our closets green with envy. Plus, while we’ve always admired her flowing, Veronika Lake-esque locks, we’re also totally enamored by Kim’s recent straight hair looks.

Perhaps in the experimental spirit of Paris’ couture fashion week, this January Nori’s mom switched it up by center-parting her tresses and wearing them pin-straight. She rocked a similar ‘do to support her fiancé at his October 9th appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, and has been spotted all over New York rocking this season’s “it” coif: a chic, sleek side-parted ponytail.

As it turns out, these less voluminous hairstyles are actually closer to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s natural appearance than her usual waves. Of her hair routine, the Armenian beauty and cultural phenomenon writes: “My hair is bone straight, but I can pass along some useful information: If you can get an ionic straightener, that may help your hair a lot to flat iron the curls out. They say the ionic straighteners and curlers are the best!” Kim continues: “I always change up my shampoos and conditioners to kind of shock the hair. If you use the same stuff every day, your hair gets used to it and doesn’t give the same bounce and shiny effect. So I switch products every other day. I also don’t wash my hair everyday. It strips the hair of its natural oils and can prevent it from growing longer. I also make sure to use an oil at the bottom of my hair every time I shower; like Biosilk or some split-end mender. It really helps!” Well, there you have it.

Coveting Kardashian’s pin-straight hair, but not blessed with the reality star’s effortless locks? Before you hit the salon for a potentially dangerous keratin hair treatment, click through the slideshow above for several healthy, alternative straightening products.