Kids Astrology: How To Parent A Child Born With a Cancer Zodiac Sign

Are you the mother of a little, Type-A Virgo? How about a stubborn Taurus? Or a sensitive Cancer? Raising kids is a tough task no matter which zodiac sign your child falls under, but one way for mothers to gain valuable insight into their little offspring is to—you guessed it—look to the stars. Starting today, we’ll be profiling one kiddie star sign per day, courtesy of internationally acclaimed husband-and-wife astro duo Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. Kicking off the cosmic series: Cancer, the Crab. Take it away!

CANCER (June 22–July 22)
“The parents of a Cancerian child must find a way not to be too possessive or overprotective. They may worry too much about their little Cancerian child, as children born under this sign are deeply sensitive to emotional hurts and rejections and are prone to withdrawing into their little shells. If the child feels unloved or neglected, she could grow up to be a reclusive, withdrawn adult who is overly self-protective and reluctant to trust or get too close to other people.

Cancer children can be very intuitive; many may display what appears to be psychic abilities. Their caregivers need to value this while guiding them to develop their logical faculties, too.”a