OCCUPATION: Co-owner and CEO of Silk Relations PR

MY STYLE: Very eclectic. My wardrobe ranges from old pieces I found in vintage stores or flea markets to extravagant designer pieces that I absolutely had to have. Also, I must admit, I am much better at dressing myself than I am at decorating our home!

I LOVE BERLIN BECAUSE: It never gets boring!

Hamburger Bahnof

Hamburger Bahnhof

This former railway station is so big that it once housed artifacts for the Museum of Transportation! Now (thankfully) its size accomodates some of the most large-scale installation works around. Hamburger Bahnhof also prides itself on its educational program, which offers playful workshops for kids and scholarly lectures and tours for adults.


Tempelhof Park

Originally intended for the wheels of jets, the repurposed runway at Tempelhof Airport now supports much smaller wheels—those of roller skates and bikes. “Nowadays you can skate, ride, run, or walk the complete landing strip,” says Kerstin Geffert of the historic airport-cum-public park, which is known to attract up to 50,000 people on a sunny day.

Markthalle Neun

Florian Niedermeier, who helped spearhead the revamping of this historic markethall, ties the “halle neun” to the slow food movmeent, and hopes the market’s artisinal and local offerings will help heighten Berliners’ consciousness about food. “We love to buy flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemaid oil from this historic (circa 1891) markethall,” says Kerstin Geffert.

Bar Tausend

People flock to Bar Tausend to be seen, but the bar itself—bearing no sign at its entrance—is not so easily spotted from the street. This doesn’t stop people from coming for the Japanese-inspired menu, specialty cocktails, and late-night DJs. “The scene here can reach hysteric heights,” says Flea Hoefel von Löhneysen. “The lack of closing hours feels unique to Berlin.”

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Soho House Berlin

As a hotel, Soho House may technically be geared towards out-of-towners, but that doesn’t keep the classiest locals from frequenting its restaurant, pool, COWSHED spa, and House Tonic, the in-house bar. For members and guests, the hotel offers free childcare so parents can relax, read the paper, (and maybe sip on the signature Ron Zacapa Centenario rum drink!) while their little ones play.

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Sarah Wiener’s

Sharing a wall with Germany’s premiere collection of contemporary art (think Roy Lichtenstein and Cy Twombly), this bustling restaurant specializes in Austrian cuisine with an innovative, Mediterranean twist. In addition to running four restaurants and starring her own TV show, The Culinary Adventures of Sarah Wiener, this jack-of-all-culinary-trades is also a philanthropist, as the Sarah Wiener Foundation aims to enlighten students and teachers about nutrition.