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MY STYLE: Modern eclectic. I love to keep the organization streamlined, but with lots of DIY and vintage details.

I LOVE L.A. BECAUSE: The weather, the diversity, and having my family nearby. I grew up here and can’t abide people who say Los Angeles has no soul. It’s a collection of very different neighborhoods; you just have to find the spot that’s right for you.

Son of a Gun

The restaurant website (complete with antique drawings of ships) might lead you to believe that Son of a Gun is perched in a breezy seaside village, but you can get the joint’s top-notch seafood dishes right in central Los Angeles. Probably wouldn’t hurt to wear something nautical, though, as this low-key eatery specializes in lobster rollers, line-caught fluke, and peel-‘n-eat shrimp, all served alongside healthful local produce and homemade sauces.


Underwood Family Farms

“We’re big fans of making the trek to Moorpark for a day of play and veggie-picking at these farms,” says Jaime Morrison Curtis. Underwood also offers five-day-long farm camps, where kids age 4-8 can learn the art of strawberry pickin’ and sheep sheerin’ alike. For family outings, nothing beats the goat mountain and animal center, which offers the likes of pony rides, animal shows, and plenty of opportunities to ogle Lucy the pot-bellied pig!


Franklin Canyon Park

First developed as a water reservoir in the early 1900s, Franklin Canyon Park is now a 605-acre expanse made iconic by The Andy Griffith Show and It Happened One Night. While you may cross paths with a film crew while on the grassy premises, you’re also likely to see plenty of

West Hollywood Library

Palm trees and flowers line the pathways leading up to the West Hollywood Library—a far cry from dusty, dim libraries you might remember from your college days. “Newly remodeled, this is our go-to park,” says Jaime Morrison Curtis. “Scarlet can play outside before we head inside to refresh our book supply. Story hour is also great, and takes place inside a room that looks like a Disney set with a magical staircase leading up to the ceiling.”


Boone Children’s Gallery

The enormous green lawn outside of this gallery—complete with soft sculptures perfect for climbing—might prove to be a bit of a distraction. But if you and your brood actually make it through the doors of this LACMA-sponsored gallery, youll be glad you did. “Boone Children’s Gallery is always good for an hour of arts and crafts,” says Jaime Morrison Curtis. “Most recently, the Metropolis II installation by Chris Burden showed over 100,000 hot wheels making their way around the mini-city. My daughter Scarlet was mesmerized!”


Cecconi’s West Hollywood

Dangling chandeliers practically kiss the tabletops at this West Hollywood restaurant, founded by former Cipriani manager Enzo Cecconi. But despite its utter clout, Cecconi’s is welcoming of the younger set as well. “They have an awesome Sunday evening family meal, where kids are welcome and there’s ON SITE CHILDCARE!” says Jaime Morrison Curtis. While the little ones play, we suggest sitting pretty with a “Sitting Pretty” (Belvedere Grapefruit with ginger and thyme).