Keep Your Guests Happy With This Entertaining Idea: Fruit-Infused Water

The best way for making your guests feel welcome on a hot summer day is undoubtedly a cold drink. A nice, refreshing  beverage is something you can easily get creative with–just look to your herb garden and fruit bowl for a fun twist on lemonade or iced tea.

“I like to start guests off with something light and refreshing as soon as they arrive,” says chef Ericka Burke, owner of Seattle’s Volunteer Park Café. “I gather herbs out of the garden and come up with unique and delicious combinations. Some of my favorites have been Dolan Blanc with a fresh strawberry puree, lime, mint, and cucumber, or Averna with fresh ginger and lime.  I also love herb infused water with fresh berries and lemon slices. The kids like this one too, makes them feel like they are getting something fancy.”

Try infusing your water with fresh herbs, freezing berries into your ice cube trays, garnishing a glass with pretty flowers, or adding a little sparking water for something unexpected.

What’s your favorite refreshing summer drink?