Kate Middleton’s Birth Plan Might Surprise You

Kate Middleton’s birth plan has been revealed and it’s not what we expected. The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth to the royal baby in the next few weeks and the excitement is starting to reach a pitch.

Kate allegedly plans to give birth in the same hospital where her husband, Prince William, was born. She will be in a private — and very guarded, we would guess — wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. The privacy will cost a pretty penny (close to $8,000), but when you’re delivering the heir to the throne, money is no issue.

And it turns out that she will not be opting for a C-section, choosing a vaginal birth instead amidst a growing concern amongst the medical community in the UK that Cesarian births are putting a strain on the National Health Service.

We await news with bated breath. As per tradition, the sex will be revealed at the gate of Buckingham Palace. Now we are just wondering if Kate will opt for an epidural?