Kate Middleton’s Baby Gets It’s Own Lullaby.

Even before marrying into the English royal family, Kate Middleton garnered attention for her style, her upbringing and her personality. But now that she is pregnant with the intended heir to the monarchy, the charming duchess is causing quite a commotion. “Countdown to Baby!” “Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump!” and “Kate Middleton Pregnant with Twins!” are just a few of the constant headlines counting down to the royal due date, but there’s one recent announcement that we particularly adore: Kate’s baby has its own lullaby.

Paul Mealor, the composer for Kate and William’s celebrated nuptials, has arranged a little melody for the baby-to-be. “After writing music for the royal wedding, it seemed natural to provide the musical accompaniment for the next stage of the royal couple’s journey together,” says Mealor.

So who needs “Rockabye Baby” and “You are my Sunshine” when you have your own little ditty? With the help of Hayley Westenra, Mealor has written “Sleep On” for Kate and William’s baby. Mealor and Westerna’s album will drop on June 17th—just in time for the Kate Middleton due date. We’re fairly certain that the royal couple did not commission the song, but we are still anxious to hear it.