Jill’s Corner: Fancy Press

Teach your kids to write on actual paper with great stationery

You know the drill. It’s your nugget’s birthday party. And despite having specified “no gifts” on the invitation, the inevitable pile of Mary Arnold red-and-white-wrapped prezzies arrive—prompting your cracked-out-on-cake mini-me to tear them open with rabid gusto, leaving ribbon and paper carnage on your carpet. And  before you know it, it’s thank you note time. Grrrrreat. You’re wiped out. You just threw this whole romper room rager and you get the homework. It’s like dealing with your wedding gifts all over again—the onus is always on the mom.

But like that bridal chapter hunched over the desk, the sitch can be much improved when you have stationery you dig. And while tiny prints are super cute, everyone’s already ODing on cuteness. And it’s so much more special to do something unique. Cue Coeur Noir Specialty Printers—an entirely custom operation in Williamsburg, which in addition to making a ton of Fashion Week invitations, couture business cards galore, and top graphic designers’ wedding suites, also allow you to make stationery out of your kid’s drawings or handwriting.

Coeur Noir will pretty much do anything you ask. You can choose a color theme from any Pantone color, snail-mail or scan your child’s artwork (or precious handwritten name) and voila—custom cards made with those selections will arrive within two weeks from proof approval. It’s a charming way to send something special—whether a holiday card or just a nice note. And the kiddies take pride in seeing their work on quality printed matter—beautiful letterpress cards made by post-modern craftsmen on century-old machines. Plus in this day of unsaveable e-vites or vanishing emails, it’s a lovely way to teach your kids the tradition of writing proper notes of sincere thanks.