It’s Time to Let Go of Perfect

As parents, we try to fit so much into our (already full) lives. Often, the result is a harried, rushed day-to-day life that feels anything but relaxed. We came across these ten tips to letting go of criticism, the idea of perfection, and most of all, being your own best supporter.


10. Don’t try to be perfect. It’s time to let go of trying to be perfect, waiting for things to be perfect, thinking there’s a perfect time or a perfect way. As a dear coach and mentor used to say to us “Done is better than perfect.” Give yourself permission to get out there and go for it. Appreciate the lessons and learn to “fall forward.”


9. Get real with your time and commitments. How many times have you filled your to-do list with things that never get done and then get upset with yourself because you didn’t get through it all, even though you worked all day long? Tasks often take longer than you think and being unrealistic about time, priorities and commitments does not support your success. Let go of over- or underestimating how long something will take and get real with yourself.


8. Be kind…to you. How often does your inner critic rear its ugly head? Ours are no different and thankfully, we’ve learned (and still learn) to forgive and let ourselves off the hook. Here’s a fast way to silence that crotchety voice. Write “I forgive myself for judging myself as…” and see how quickly you can ease up on your own self judgments and put that inner critic on permanent leave as you learn to be more gentle and kind to yourself.


7. Honor and communicate your boundaries. How many times do you step over your own boundaries to accommodate others? Give away too much to prove your value? Or, bite your tongue for fear of seeming too strong or too rigid? As a leader it’s up to you to show people where you draw the line and what is the right way to interact with you, while still remaining flexible and open to change. The more you respect yourself and honor your boundaries, the more others will do the same. No more loosey-goosey or wishy-washy. Know what feels right for you and honor it!


6. You are a star. This year is about you being your own best friend, best client and best cheerleader. Release any small thinking and go for what you really want. Leave behind the mindset of “not good enough” or “not there yet.” Though it may be familiar and cozy, it no longer serves you. That small way of thinking is done. You are a true leader and it’s time to shine.


5. Surround yourself with the best. If you’re not surrounded by people that are rooting for your absolute success, joy, best intention, leadership and fulfillment, leave them behind. I know it sounds cold, but you must ensure that everyone around you is supportive, encouraging and holding you to your highest. If not, let them go and watch how quickly you attract a better crowd.


4. Speak only of your good. You create your own image and how others perceive you by the words you choose. Today, people are looking for inspiration and genuine leadership. They want and need to hear about your success and ability to contribute to their goals. No more being squeamish about sharing your wins, talents and skills. No more playing down your genius or your credibility, and especially not your passion! Any small talk or using language that doesn’t exemplify your brilliance is so last year–let it go!


3. Celebrate often. If you’re like many women, it’s easy to forget to celebrate. What’s the point of working hard and going for your dream if you don’t take time to celebrate your accomplishments? No matter how small the goal, celebrate your achievements along the way. Celebrate the milestones, the effort, whatever you get done–it makes the journey more fun! No more missing your own party.


2. Claim what you deserve. How many times have you pushed away your needs, scheduled over the time you allocated for yourself and put yourself at the bottom of your list? It is imperative that you take care of yourself and “put your mask on first.” Don’t settle or diminish what you want. Claim your passion and purpose, and go for what you deserve. As you commit and claim your space and what is yours, forces beyond what you can see will rise to meet and support you.


1. Get support and be accountable. This is #1 because it’s simply inexcusable to try to do it alone anymore. Stop being a lone ranger or superhero, and no more hiding out! Your leadership is needed, now. There is an urgency to bring out your vision and fulfill your purpose, and it’s faster and easier when you have support and guidance. Hire a coach, get a mentor or join a mastermind group. Do whatever is necessary to be in an inspiring community and held accountable. Know that you are always supported in divine ways and to get real traction and soar, the support and structure of a coach, mentor or group is the choice of champions.


We hope this ignites a spark in you and urge you not to just read this and think “these are nice.” Choose a few and make it part of who you are and how you walk in the world as a leader. Embrace these principles and start to build the muscle of making this the new and even better you.