Incorporate This Superfood Into Your Winter Skin Care Routine ASAP

Besides the deliciousness of macaroons and German chocolate cakes, there are so many benefits of coconut–namely, the oil that comes from this tropical fruit. Not only is it a healthy ingredient, but it can do wonders for your winter skin care regimen.

“My latest beauty fix is coconut oil,” says Atlanta-based Paige Perkins, owner of GlowDry. “I put it in my coffee and cook with it, but also massage it onto my face a few nights a week. I love it now but know it is going to work wonders for me in the winter when my hands, face and lips get so dry.”

A favorite of moms who know their way around the kitchen (Giada de Laurentiis is a fan) and of vegans, who are familiar with the wonderful, flaky pie crusts and fluffy cake icings it can produce, the silky, sweet oil is being used by beauty buffs as a luxurious face cream, body moisturizer, or nourishing leave-in conditioner. Unlike products you buy on shelves, coconut oil provides true and deep moisture, without the use of water (which only gives the impression that your skin is being hydrated, until it evaporates).

One of our favorite DIY beauty tips is mixing coconut oil with sugar to create a fantastic DIY face and body scrub. And remember to look for the most unrefined version you can get, like raw or cold-pressed, and preferably organic.