Improve Your Skin Just By Changing Your Diet

Beauty is a multi-billion-a-year industry. By some reports, Americans spend more on facials and acne creams than they do on education. But what if the key to healthier skin was in your own pantry? No, I’m not talking about avocado masks and olive oil moisturizers, though that does sound like a yummy DIY spa session. You can actually improve your skin by changing your diet, and we’ll show you how.

“Improving your eating habits isn’t going to eliminate wrinkles or sagging, but research shows it will improve the tone and texture of your skin,” said Mary Lupo, M.D., in an interview with O magazine. What you put into your body has a direct effect (either positive or negative) on both how you feel, and how you look. So maybe there is some truth to the old expression “you are what you eat.”