Impress the Neighbors With This Adorable DIY Ice Cream Stand

Want to teach your child how to make a delicious frozen dessert, give them a basic lesson in business, make some crafty decorations together and have an incredibly fun warm-weather day, all at the same time? We’ve got you covered.

This adorable pop-up ice cream stand, created by Agnes Hsu of Hello, Wonderful for her then 3-year-old daughter, accomplishes all of that. As an alternative to the beloved lemonade stand, your kids’ ice cream pop-up biz will face a lot less competition on the street (another lesson in doing good business!).

“In less than an hour, we sold out of ice cream!” says Agnes, whose daughter’s stand turned out to be a total neighborhood hit. “The response from neighbors was amazing and supportive.”

Head over to Hello, Wonderful for the full how-to, plus an incredibly easy recipe for organic strawberry ice cream. It’s no surprise their neighbors were won over.

Your kids can offer their customers all sorts of other delicious frozen treats too! Click through our slideshow for some of our favorite ice cream desserts for great inspiration.