How to use QR codes for a unique wedding proposal

Wedding proposals are getting more creative nowadays. Studies showed that 40% of soon-to-be grooms meticulously plan their proposals up to the last detail.

Because of this, event organizers and planners constantly look for more creative ideas to ensure their proposal is truly memorable for the couples.

Their solution? QR codes.

Event planners and organizers use the best QR code generator online to create a QR code that they will deploy on greeting cards, letters, shirts, or jewelry such as engagement and wedding rings.

Modern use cases of QR codes for wedding proposals

Here are some practical ways that grooms-to-be and event organizers can use QR codes for a memorable proposal:

Link to teaser videos

Wedding proposal organizers can deploy video QR code solutions on the invitations or venue table tents.

They can embed the couple’s story within the QR code. This makes it easier for guests to view the video using their phones anytime and anywhere.

Portal to virtual proposal message

During the intimate occasion, a file QR code is handy to digitalize the soon-to-be groom’s message to his soon-to-be wife.

A file QR code easily converts any form of a file into a trackable and editable QR code solution. So, event organizers can smoothly turn them into a QR code, whether the message is in a form of a document, a presentation, or an image format.

Share audio recordings or music

Boost the romantic experience by giving the future wife an audio or MP3 QR code that contains an audio recording of her other half’s message.

According to TheKnot, preparing a proposal speech easily captures your partner’s sweet ‘Yes’.

So, going the extra mile in delivering the message with QR codes guarantees a bigger chance of getting the couple to the ceremony.

Interactive QR code on shirts

Ever seen a QR code printed on t-shirts? That tactic can also be used when hosting a wedding proposal.

Let the groom wear a QR code-printed shirt and have it scanned by the future wife with a phone.

Using a text QR code solution, the wife can be redirected to a landing page containing the words, “Will you marry me?” flashed on her phone.

QR codes on engagement rings

Want to make it extra engaging? Try placing or engraving a QR code on the engagement ring.

Some jewelers and accessory businesses are putting QR codes in their products, which just include rings.

Clients can embed a collection of their photos and other photographic memorabilia within the ring QR code. This is possible using a URL QR code from the best QR code generator.


Sure, handling a wedding proposa l— or any event — takes a lot of time and effort. The devil is in the details, so make sure you never spare even the smallest part of the proposal.

By using digital tools like QR codes, event organizers or individual planners are sure to have a bigger way to celebrate.

Digitalizing wedding proposals are easy with a reliable QR code software that offers complete customization tools for your needs.