How to Travel With Kids: Jessica Rey’s Travel Checklist

Traveling with kids can be as daunting as climbing a mountain. I remember feeling that way when I had my son almost two years ago. I now have two babies and, oh, the places we’ve been! And this year has been busy—between writing a book and filming two series—so I decided to turn my dreaming of the sun into a reality. This summer we’re planning a family trip to Italy for work and play. So we’re going to be packing as lightly as possible—that means checking one big roller bag with our clothes and other essentials for the whole summer.

We are renting a villa with a washer-dryer so we can wash clothes as we need them or (worst case scenario) spend a day shopping underneath the Italian sun… which reminds me, pack some Little Twigs organic sunscreen!  —Jessica Rey (@JessicaReyRey)

•    Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Stand On Stroller. It’s light and easy to fold. We love that our older child (two) can stand or sit in the back.  The seats have great recline for naps too!
•    Beco Gemini Carrier. It’s one of the only carriers our son liked—we tried them all!
•    GoCrib. It’s so light and easy to carry in its own backpack.
•    BambinOz Porta Chairs
•    Prince Lionheart Flexibath. Tubs in hotels and rentals can be icky.
•    SnoozeShades. They’re great for putting the babies to sleep in the stroller. They can still see out until they fall asleep and my son doesn’t burn up inside.
•    Gentle Giraffe On The Go. White noise helps my babies fall asleep and it attaches to the stroller when we’re walking around.
•    Outlet Plugs—to baby proof the hotel and rental.
•    We brought car seats on-board when the babies were newborns. But now that they’re older, we choose to rent them once we get to our destination. You never know what damage may happen when you check them!


•    Mixie Bottles. It’s the most hassle free bottle… so quick and easy!
•    Joovy Dood Sippy Cups
•    Snacks. We love Happy Family organic snacks—and also bring a banana and a couple of small avocados, which can be scooped right out with a spoon. We also bring berries in a Snack Trap.
•    Two Wubbanub Pacifiers—for the little one, attached to paci clips
•    Skip Hop Diaper Changer Kit—to avoid bringing big diaper bag into the small airplane bathroom.
•    Enough Diapers For The Flight Plus Two Extras. We buy more when we arrive.
•    Wipes
•    California Baby Aloe Vera. It works as a diaper rash cream and a moisturizer!
•    Antibacterial Spray and Wipes
•    Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil Capsules. Strange, I know. Remember that airports and airplanes are full of germs! Fermented cod liver oil helps boost your immune system. We load up on these when traveling and at the first sign of sickness to nip it in the bud. The capsules can be broken open and the oil rubbed on baby’s bottom for absorption through the skin. Works every time!
•    Simply Saline Nasal Spray. people get sick on planes because their nasal cavities dry up. My babies like this gentle mist so much better than the traditional drops.
•    Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs. They’re HUGE bibs and work as burp cloths, too!
•    Swaddle Designs Swaddle Lite – great lightweight blankets in case babies get cold and can use as a nursing cover as well
•    Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist. Because mommy needs ONE thing in the diaper bag to make her feel fresh and amazing!
•    Ziplock Baggies. They’re so useful!
•    Small, Inexpensive Toys—to keep them entertained during the flight. We bring toys they’ve never played with before to pique their interest. When that doesn’t work we take out the iPad (with Big Grips).  Since they rarely ever watch television or movies, this is a real treat!
•    Two Changes of Clothes—for the babies and one change of clothes for mommy and daddy. (In case we get spilled on.)
•    Our Camera. Never ever check your camera! We use an Olympus E-P3 when traveling. It’s not the smallest, but we have the ability to change lenses and it focuses super fast—fast enough for babies who never sit still!

Jessica Rey is best known for her role as the Pink Power Ranger on Disney’s Power Rangers Wild Force. She has guest-starred on several network shows including Las Vegas and Rules of Engagement and is producing and starring in mockumentary No Nerds Here, which follows three former Power Rangers to comic conventions around the globe. She’s currently filming lifestyle talk show Jes My Life in which she reviews and discusses various baby, home, and lifestyle products. She also designs and owns Rey Swimwear—a line of vintage-inspired swimsuits. In true power mommy fashion, Jes does all of this as a wife and mother of two babies