Beauty Alchemy: How to Blend Your Favorite Products & Achieve Makeup Magic

With beauty technology being as incredible as it is these days (Have you tried a BB cream lately? Hello, gorgeous!), it’s hard to believe that there’s any room left for improvement. But you need only get a sneak peek of a makeup artist at work on a photo shoot or backstage at a runway show to realize that they’ve got a whole world of tips and tricks up their sleeves.

From mixing colors and blending different foundation formulas to swirling various hair products together to yield a perfectly undone result, one thing is clear—there’s always room for a little more magic, even at home.

We’ve taken to working up a few beauty blends of our own over here and have to admit that the results are thrilling. When you realize that your two favorite skincare products actually work better when mixed together, you can achieve a sort of beauty bliss that’s difficult to describe—but you’ll know it when you see it.