Hôtel le Bristol


Address: 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris, FR
Website: www.lebristolparis.com/fr
Phone: +33 01 53 43 43 00

Considered one of the finest hotels in all of Europe, Hôtel le Bristol is luxurious, legendary, and quintessentially Parisian. The land, which now boasts the largest garden of Parisian palaces, was passed from the Duke of Noailles to various other courtiers and became a gathering spot for the city’s most fashionable. It was particularly roaring during the 1920s, before becoming the official residence for all Americans in Paris during WWII. Today, things are quieter at le Hôtel Bristol, but most people like it that way. Gaelle Dessauvages goes for brunch while her son plays on the outdoor terrace.