Halloween Nail Art…Because Fingers Can Wear More Than One Costume

With Halloween nearing and costumes festooning the windows of every other storefront, we’re sure your kiddos are already clamoring to don their disguises and hit up the neighbors for some candy. If they’re anything like us All Hallow’s Eve fanatics here at Elizabeth Street, they’re probably torn between innumerable costume ideas.

While it may not quite compare to getting all dressed, dolled, and coiffed up, treat your kiddos to a new Halloween-themed mani each week leading up to the big event. That way, they can at least experiment with different spooky getups on a small scale.

We’ll keep you updated with even more clever, holiday-themed nail designs as October 31 approaches, but for now try out these candy corn and Frankenstein’s monster—we’re nerds, we know—manicures, courtesy of YouTuber Cute Polish and our friends over at Teen Vogue.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Celebrity nail artist Deborah Lippman has some great tips for preserving the evidence of your slight of hand: “When applying nail lacquer, there’s a big temptation to slap nail color on in one big, thick coat, but that results in peeling. If you apply very thin coats, letting the polish dry in between each layer so the solvents evaporate, it will wear better and last longer,” the founder of the eponymous polish line told Teen Vogue.

In addition, “You can extend the life of your mani by adding a very thin layer of top coat every third day. Also, when applying the top coat, make sure you cap the tip of the nail with the polish, as this will seal the color and make a huge difference in the wear.”

Finally, ensure your spooky or sweet canvas will be forever immortalized by snapping a picture of your little ghoul’s digits and uploading it to Instagram. Include hashtag #minimanimonday and mention us at @ElizabethStMom for a chance to be featured in an upcoming edition!