Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9, Rome, IT
Website: www.gusto.it
Phone: +39 06 322 6273

Alessandra Marino and Alessandro Tudini, partners in business and life, reinvented the once-quiet Emperor Augustus Piazza with this multipurpose food complex. Over a decade after opening, ‘Gusto is still bustling with shoppers eager to get something new for the kitchen, or some cheese in a cup at the formaggeria. The option of doing both, as well as a handful of other gastronomic pursuits—all under one roof—is the whole idea. On the second floor, there is a formal restaurant that fuses regional classics with other cuisines in a style that might be called Italian nouveau, but the most unique thing about ‘Gusto might be the more casual osteria downstairs. There, you can order almost anything on the menu as cicchetti—snack-sized morsels reminiscent of the tapas often served in Venetian bars. To learn (and sample!) more about ‘Gusto’s products, take a class or go to a tasting in the cellar.