MY STYLE: Sporty, simple, and elegant, but not necessarily in that order. I only wear one important accessory (bag or shoes or jewelry) at a time. When you’re 20, you can exaggerate, but after 40, the less you wear the better and younger you seem, though on important occasions I do like to be very elegant and wear my family jewels. My favorite brands are Valentino and Ralph Lauren, and Tod’s and Hermès for accessories.

I LOVE MILAN BECAUSE: In an hour by car you can reach wonderful art, lakes, mountains, or beaches. Milan offers the options and opportunities of a big metropolis but at the same time a quality of life that is still human and good for families.


Opened alongside Milan’s La Scala Theater in the early 1800s, this legendary café has seen its share of actors, playwrights, musicians, and public figures—as well as devastating WWII turmoil. Today, the legendary pasticceria has opened up several offshoots around the world, but the locale on Via Montenapoleone (now housed in a different, post-war building) remains a particularly glamorous spot for sweet raisin panettone and people-watching.


Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio

In contrast to the intricate, ornate spires of the Milan Cathedral, the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio offers a more modest, ancient-looking façade. And not just ancient-looking(!)—the basilica’s namesake consecrated the building in the year 379. Giulia Negri da Oleggio goes with her family for weekly mass, but even non-Catholics and the entirely unreligious might agree with her that in addition to being the oldest standing church in the city, it’s also the most marvelous. “Children love its dramatic, golden altar,” she adds.


Pupi Solari

For half a century, Pupi Solari has been a leading name in elegant, classic clothing for children. Made with top-notch materials, the sweetly construed garments have been worn by generations’ worth of upper-crust Milanese children. Thanks to the affixed tearoom and adorable play area, our kids also love visiting the storefront on Via Lorenzo Mascheroni.



Offering everything from Hatha to Vinyasa to yoga per bambini—yoga for children—Yogamood, with its bare walls and bright windows, allows a quick escape from the hustle and bustle right outside the centrally located studio’s door. For the private yogi, Yogamood offers personal, one-on-one classes with the teacher of your choice.


Bulgari Hotel

Although it’s right in the center of the city, with easy access to La Scala and Via della Spiga, this 18th century palazzo-turned-luxury hotel feels as remote as a country villa. From the 4,000 square meter garden to the splendid décor, which includes black Zimbabwe marble and stone from Vincenza, to the concierge’s special day trips—hydroplaning to Lake Como, anyone?—the establishment is certainly deserving of the Bulgari name.