Address: 224 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, FR
Phone: +33 1 42 60 76 07

This historic is by some accounts the oldest English bookstore on the European continent. The publisher by the same and family were among the first to use the newly invented printing press in 1520. In the 19th century, a shop was established for the titles, including a famous newspaper, the Galignani’s Messenger, to which all the most celebrated English writers of the day contributed. In 1856, it settled on the posh Rue de Rovoli where it remains to this day and is operated by the sixth generation of the Galignani family. A visit today The shelves exudes history from the original worn wood of its bookshelves, which have remarkably withstood the test of time. Though ancient, the shop is anything but musty, and a comprehensive collection of English fiction that is balanced between contemporary and classics. Tourists will find this historical landmark genuinely practical; the prestigious shop also prides itself on outstanding service.