Address: 18 Ninth Avenue, New York, US
Phone: 212 206 6700

Lots of New York pizzerias vie for the title of best crust, best sauce, best pie. And while Grimaldi’s, Lombardi’s, and Patsy’s remain worthy—albeit old-school—contenders, Tia Williams’ vote goes to a more newfangled spot.  At Franny’s, exposed brick walls encapsulate a homey dining room, where super-thin-crust pizza is cooked in an environmentally responsible kitchen, and served with locally sourced toppings. “This top-rated restaurant is right across the street from Lina’s school, and we’ll stop in for special occasions (i.e. days when mommy’s too exhausted to cook)!” says Tia Williams. Photo courtesy of: Jon von Pamer/Franny’s