For kids, cooking is both fun and educational

A lesson in cooking is always a good time—whether it’s a romantic couples’ class (the perfect anniversary present), or a sushi-rolling course with a bunch of girlfriends. But in addition to this “grown-up” phenomenon, kids’ cooking classes are an increasingly popular alternative to the Easy-Bake oven.

In Paris, chef Olivier Berté offers two-hour cooking workshops every Wednesday for kids seven and older. Even the renowned Le Cordon Bleu occasionally offers kids’ workshops (fittingly titled “Les Petits Cordon Bleu”). New York, too, has a sprinkling of options. Taste Buds on 27th Street offers a cupcake- and donut-making class (even two-year-olds can join in!) as well as a five-day summer camp.  And in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, Dough Re Me Kids offers goal-oriented lessons, so kids can foster confidence and independence in the kitchen.

Nichola Hunt

Cocktail aficionado. Large dog breed lover. Fondness of summer dresses. Hater of pickles. Born in London, based in Bali.

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