Family Holiday Picture Ideas From An Expert

It’s never too early to start thinking about your family holiday picture card ideas, since that time of year tends to be incredibly busy for most of us. Getting it all figured out can be so stressful–especially if a professional is taking your photograph.

There are a few things to consider. For instance, it may take a week or two before you see the images and then the order has to be placed. Ideally, you would start thinking about your holiday card by the end of September, even if you don’t book a session until later in the fall.

But, if you’re like most parents, the last thing on your mind in September (or October, or November for that matter) is your holiday photos. But all is not lost! Contact a photographer–you may be in luck and find one with availability at the last minute. You can find a local photographer in a pinch through the NAPCP directory. Or go the do-it-yourself route with a site like Pinholepress. The designs are great and they offer different paper options. Since it’s owned by a paper company, the paper is high quality.

Whether you’ve planned it months in advance or are flyin’ by the seat of your pants, you’ll need to get your brood in front of the lens. Firstly, figure out the location. Do you want a certain color scheme? Your location background can set the tone for the whole card. A shoot in an urban location will most likely give you a red (brick) or grey (metal/steel) background. Parks will be green or brown. Beaches will be blues and pastels (especially later in the day). Figuring out the location and the natural backdrop beforehand can also help narrowing down what to do for clothing. If you have little ones, it is best to choose a location where everyone is comfortable and familiar.

For me, the most important part of a holiday card is showcasing your family’s personality. Are you a family that likes to be silly and have fun? Then come up with a fun way to show that through your holiday photo. Have your funniest kid or parent tell everyone else silly jokes to get you all laughing. Are you a bunch of avid readers? Then have the family photographed curled up together enjoying a good book.

If working with a photographer, ask them for their input regarding details like location and clothing. Just remember, this is your chance to share your family with friends and family. Have fun with it!