Easy Manicure Ideas For Every New Year’s Resolution

As we usher in the New Year, our aspirations rise. We set lofty resolutions not only for ourselves, but within our families as well. The trouble is sticking to our guns once the holiday haze dissipates and we’re thrown back into the same hectic routine as the year prior. And if you think it’s difficult avoiding setbacks as a mature adult, imagine what it’s like for those among us with the willpower of six- to eleven-year-olds, i.e. your kids.

While they’re probably not working towards abs of steel or a promotion at work, it’s good for children to get in the habit of aiming high. Perhaps this year they’ll strive to get all As. Learn a new instrument while their brain is young and elastic. Venture outside their usual friend group. Spend less time in front of screens, more time reading or at the museum. However, in a world full of distractions, self-improvement isn’t always the most alluring option.

Which is why, this mini mani Monday, we’ve devised a plan to help them stay the course—by painting a constant reminder of said goal on their fingernails. This way, when that little voice in their head falls short, their fingertips’ll do the talking.