Duck, Chicken or Quail? The Best Eggs for All Things Easter

With Easter around the corner we’ve got eggs on the brain!

There exists a wide variety of beautiful (and delicious!) eggs beyond the good ol’ chicken variety. We’re breaking it all down for you: we’ll tell you which eggs are which and what to make with them (crafts and food).

Quail Eggs:The smallest type of egg at only nine grams, this type has a high yolk-to-white ratio and is beautiful for wreath making. Use your quail eggs to cook this and craft  this.

Chicken Eggs:The most familiar, easiest to dye, decorate and gobble up! Use your chicken eggs to cook this and craft this.

Duck Eggs:What looks like a jumbo chicken egg with a smooth, grey (ultra thick) shell. Most used for the incredible art of Pysanky eggs. Use your duck eggs to cook this and craft this.

Goose Eggs:The largest eggs, this variety is described as having an “intense eggy-taste.” About the size of two chicken eggs and extra fun to decorate (more square footage!). Use your goose eggs to cook this and craft this.

Now that you’ve got your eggs, are you ready to dye them? Check out our guide for ultra-cool, non-traditional Easter favorites.