OCCUPATION: TV Host, Shanghai Media Group

MY STYLE: I prefer to keep it simple, with a sense of humor. My favorite brands are Muji, Uniqlo, and Gap—simple, elegant, comforable.

I LOVE SHANGHAI BECAUSE: It’s a city with a soul. It’s young, energetic, and attracts great, resourceful people from around the world. I have a big family here, with many friends and relatives. Feels like home.

Greek Taverna 2

Greek Taverna

Shanghai might be closer to the East China Sea than the Aegean, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of grape leaves, honey, and—America’s latest food craze—yogurt. Greek Taverna offers these favorites and more (there are plenty of substantial entrees of fish and meat), along with a casual ambience that makes it a great spot for a lively family meal. Look for the building with whitewashed walls and a blue door, and, if you’re going to the Dongping location, a rooftop terrace with a mood like Mykonos. This becomes especially true once the free drink specials start at 9pm!

Hongqiao Park

Shanghai’s Hongqiao district is a commercial hub, but amid the sleek buildings sits the green oasis of Hongqiao Park. Hongqiao means “red bridge,” and you’ll find a wooden one tucked in along with the park’s other splendors, which include many sculptures. The combination of natural and man-made beauty makes the park a favorite spot to take wedding photos, to bring baby in the baby carriage, or to savor a moment alone with a book. Dou Dou goes with her son to feed the fish and watch the graceful black swans.

JinJiang Hotel 1

Jin Jiang Hotel

Based in Shanghai, the Jin Jiang International Holdings company has hotels throughout China. Over the years, the brand has become known for treating every guest like a star—Jin Jiang Shanghai has been awarded five of its own—or maybe a president, considering Richard Nixon stayed in one of its outposts during his famous trip to China. There’s a great Indian restaurant in the Shanghai hotel, which is located close to many other dining options. Living nearby, Dou Dou has little cause for an overnight stay, but she does enjoy strolling the hotel garden with her daughter, Naima.

Kerry Center

Kerry Center

The Kerry Center, finished in 2012, is one of the tallest, greenest, and shiniest skyscrapers in Shanghai’s Jing An district. Dou Dou’s favorite part is the Exploration Center, which is open only to members. You don’t have to be part of the club to get a piece of the action, though! The building is like a mini-city, with offices, apartments, retail spaces, and even a luxury hotel—the Jing An Shangri-La. There’s plenty to do outside of the building too, and not all of it so commercial. The famous Jing An Temple isjust a short walk away.

Y Plus 2

Y+ Yoga Center

Sometimes a busy mom just needs some serenity, which makes Y+ Yoga Center something of a key destination. If its motto of “Infinite horizon” doesn’t sell you, one of the 200+ classes offered at its flagship studio in the stylish Xintiandi district certainly will.  Y+ offers classes in Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Ashtanga, to name a few, so whether you want to tone or just channel your internal chi, there’s a class for you. Besides stellar selection and instruction, the center offers a gorgeous studio that was designed by world-famous architect and interior designer Lyndon Neri. Colored in shades of cool lime and sea green, it’s the perfect place to relax or energize.