Decorate Your Vanity With These Chic Essentials

“Vanity fair” has many connotations. For some, it evokes the venerable fashion magazine. Others remember the book and subsequent film adaptation. And a few think of the old-English phrase, which signifies “idle amusement and frivolity.”  Then there are those of us who automatically assume we’re talking about a great piece of furniture (we chalk it up to being home-décor obsessed).

Though vanities are less vital than, say, a bed or wardrobe, we still value their function—which is to hold and display our makeup, scents and other accoutrements that help our preening process. This is why we look for the most exceptional things to put on it. Whether it’s a beautiful tray to hold our knick-knacks, a velvet-lined jewelry box or decadent perfume bottle, the items in the slideshow above will truly make your vanity, well, fair.