Curated by Mom: Filippo Brunelleschi

London gallery owner Louisa Guinness on the Renaissance master’s revolutionary skylight

Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi may be best known for his studies in linear perspective, but Louisa Guinness loves the more tangible side of his achievements, too. “My children love to understand how things work, and it’s interesting to explain Brunelleschi’s designs to them,” she says. And though Guiness’ London gallery emphasizes fine artist-designed jewelry (by the likes of Ed Ruscha and Alexander Calder), this mom can also appreciate art on a much bigger scale. —Lucie Alig 

What have been your kids’ experience with Brunelleschi?

We took them to Florence to see the Duomo. They climbed to the top of the dome and were amazed by the scale of it. We drew pictures to explain how the building stands and the engineering side of it, and discussed how it was built—how they would have moved the stones around in those days. It was such an incredible feat. Seeing it in person really drove this home.

What else do your little ones like about art? 

Colour and simple shapes. My kids like images that they can identify and associate with. We show them a lot of art and they only really remember a little, but this is growing—and certainly better than remembering nothing. They also really enjoy going to museums with me and Ben. I think they know it’s good “quality parent time.

Any other artists they enjoy?

Just saw the Damien Hirst show at the Tate. They also love Yayoi Kusama.