Corsica Might Be the Perfect Family Vacation Destination

Often referred to as the “Mountain in the Sea,” Corsica is truly a unique, special family vacation destination destination that is often overlooked in favor of the more obvious Mediterranean hot spots like St. Tropez, Sardinia, and Portofino. Though technically French,Corsica has a strong identity of its own. You feel like you are neither in France, nor Italy (Corsica’s closest neighbor).

This is an island that has it all: spectacular crystal waters, fascinating history, Roman ruins, port towns with a village-y feel, and, in the thick of summer, Mediterranean glamour at its flashiest. According to Vanessa Bozzacchi, a publicist from Rome who grew up in Corsica, it is an incredible place to enjoy with your family. “The island is still a wild, magical place with the most amazing sea and beaches. I know all the spots that are not too crowded,” she says.

Take a boat and head into the port at Bonifacio in the island’s southernmost part, and you will be blown away by the magnificent, sculpted cliffs of white limestone that guide the way into the port. Then hike up to the 9th century citadel for views that will take your breath away. Canyoning, sailing, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, whitewater rafting…it’s all there for your perfect family vacation.