Compliments to the (Little) Chef

A lesson in cooking is always a good time—whether it’s a romantic couples’ class (the perfect anniversary present), or a sushi-rolling course with a bunch of girlfriends. But in addition to this “grown-up” phenomenon, kids’ cooking classes are an increasingly popular alternative to the Easy-Bake oven.

In Paris, chef Olivier Berté offers two-hour cooking workshops every Wednesday for kids seven and older. Even the renowned Le Cordon Bleu occasionally offers kids’ workshops (fittingly titled “Les Petits Cordon Bleu”). New York, too, has a sprinkling of options. Taste Buds on 27th Street offers a cupcake- and donut-making class (even two-year-olds can join in!) as well as a five-day summer camp.  And in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood, Dough Re Me Kids offers goal-oriented lessons, so kids can foster confidence and independence in the kitchen.