OCCUPATION: Real estate developer and creator of the children’s line Olivia & Owen

MY STYLE: I love timeless pieces. A black shift dress with a great piece of jewelry; a crisp white blouse with jeans and a big belt—simple but classic. For home I love to add flares of colors, and I love bold wallpaper.

I LOVE NEW YORK BECAUSE: I love raising my daughter in such a dyamic city filled with so much to do. On any given day she can visit a museum, go to the zoo, go to ballet class, and still have time to have a visit with her grandmother who lives down the block. I love being able to go to the gym, come home, and cook dinner for my family. Everything is so accessible. I most enjoy being able to walk to work.

American Museum of Natural History

“All the bugs and animals keep my sons entertained for hours,” says Jules Reid of The American Museum of Natural History, the city’s scientific mainstay. We love the wide range of exhibitions and activities, catering to any field your child could possibly fancy. Don’t miss the life-sized replica of the blue whale in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, or the built-to-scale Tyrannesauras Rex, created almost entirely out of 65-million-year-old bones, in the Fossil Halls.



Ever since Giuseppe Cipriani opened Harry’s Bar in Venice, his restaurants have gained steady popularity across Europe, Asia, and beyond—known for pastas, risottos, and other Italian specialties. The Hong Kong location stays true to the restaurant’s Venetian spirit with glass chandeliers, aged wall murals, and plenty of wine. For a delicate aperitif, try the signature Sweet Emy, a stronger variation on the Bellini (also, allegedly, the brainchild of Giuseppe), which injects the classic peach-prosecco combo with a kick of gin and mandarin.


Central Park Zoo

It’s easy to miss the zoo among the 843 acres of park that surround it, but to do so would be to pass up sightings of sea lions, snow leopards, exotic birds, and a wealth of other species not typically associated with the five boroughs. Check the zoo’s website for a list of exhibitions, current attractions and activities, and don’t miss a walk through the Tisch Children’s Zoo—a compact nature trail with a playground, a feeding station and a duck blind for the secret observation of pond animals.



Each of the four Manhattan locations (Greenwich Village, Upper East Side, Tribeca, and Madison Ave), miraculously reflects the style and vibe of its surrounding neighborhood but—location aside—you can be sure to find quality essentials. “They carry lots of French brands and unique designers,” notes Blythe Harris.


The Surrey Hotel

Since it opened in 1926, the Surrey Hotel has accommodated elite visitors including Bette Davis, Claudette Colbert, and even President John F. Kennedy. 86 years and one $60 million makeover later, all of the rooms now feature iPod docking stations and minibars stocked with New York’s finest chocolates and liqueurs. If you’re not satisfied with the minibar, try the in-room cocktail program. Whether you’re the president or a resident, you can enjoy a meal (or room service!) from Café Boulud and a drink at Bar Pleiades, all while taking in the hotel’s amazing contemporary art collection, which features works from Richard Serra, Chuck Close, and more.


Monograms off Madison

This one-stop shop for personalized goods carries an in-house machine for quick turnaround. The store stocks well-made classic choices like plush towels, good linens, travel bags, journals, onesies, and almost anything else you can slap a name across.  It also performs special services for customized wedding decorations and gifts. With simple designs and personal contacts available, Monograms of Madison makes it easy to give kids something they can truly call their own. Christina Lari Potter calls the shop, “My go-to for all gifts for children and holiday shopping.” A regular, Potter swears, “I am in there at least once a week!”