Celebrate Black History Month All Year Long

Books help kids learn about injustice, tolerance, and diversity. Here are five of our favorites: It’s Okay to Be Different // The Skin You Live In // The Colors of Us // All the Colors of the Earth // Same But Different

There are so many movies that celebrate diversity. Our picks: First Position // School of Rock // The Princess Frog // Brooklyn Castle // Mad Hot Ballroom.

Sesame Street is known for amazing diversity and making education fun. It’s paved the way for the following culturally sensitive shows: Postcards from Buster // Bob the Builder // Yo Gabba Gabba // True Jackson

Playtime is great way for kids to learn, use, and enjoy objects from other cultures. We loves these toys! American Girl Historical Doll Collection // Crayola Multicultural Markers // Around the World Play Foods // Global Musical Instruments // Traditional Costumes and Accessories

Participating in activities and making friends at cultural events in your community is the best way to teach children about diversity. The Library of Congress has a site devoted to community events and celebrations. Everything from the Denver March Pow Wow to the annual Black Cowboy Parade in Oakland, CA is featured on the website. Click here to locate your state and find out what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Celebrate Black History Month All Year Long

Today is the last day of Black History Month 2013. We’ve been celebrating through the best children’s books, honoring notable black women, creating an easy craft project inspired by the book Show Way, as well as learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. But now what? It seems silly to suddenly stop talking about tolerance and diversity with our kids just because the month has come to a close. Kids will learn much more if we weave the same things we learned during Black History Month into our discussions at home all year long. And maybe the easiest (and most effective) way to spark discussion is to participate in culturally diverse kids’ activities, buy educational toys, watch shows, and read books that explore other cultures and races. The slideshow above gives some suggestions. Here’s to celebrating Black History Month all year long

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