Cavallieri Hilton Hotel


Address: Via Alberto Cadlolo 101 , Rome , IT
Phone: +39 06 3509 1

This Waldorf Astoria Hilton Hotel is luxurious and decadent from floor to ceiling. Its private art collection, which is one of the greatest in the world, features pieces like a crib commissioned by Napoleon for his son, a coiffeuse table designed for Marie Antoinette, and a toilet designed for the King of Poland. If that doesn’t satisfy your art history yearnings, the hotel can also arrange a tour of the Vatican Gardens and Sistine Chapel for you. Francesca Leoni is most drawn to the hotel’s magnificent indoor and outdoor pools, though. “My son is little—only six months old—but he already loves the water,” she says. “So we have started going to the pool for swimming lessons, or more like flapping around lessons.” For kids older than seven who prefer to stay dry, the hotel also offers “gladiator training.”