Bring Some Color Back Into Your Look With Our Picks for the Best Tinted Moisturizer

Like all birds, insects and mammals with any degree of common sense, we’d like to migrate south for the winter. However, our jobs, responsibilities, and kids’ school schedules keep our feet planted firmly on the (frozen) ground. On occasion, we’re able to steal away a week or two for a family beach vacation to relax and work on our tan. It’s incredible how much vitality and color a little kiss from the sun can inject into your look. Not to mention how good the humid air of warmer climes feels against our parched skin.

Even if Disney World or the Mayan Riviera isn’t in your immediate future, an easy way to hydrate and treat your battered winter skin—and melt away your pale-as-ice look—is with a quality tinted moisturizer. Plus, pigmented lotions are a great, time-saving substitute for concealers and foundations. The best tinted moisturizer will not only hydrate the skin, it will also help conceal any flaws while enhancing the skin’s natural beauty. Speed up your makeup routine, get out the door a little faster in the morning, and revisit your summer skin all in one fell swoop.