Bocca di Bacco


Address: Friedrichstrasse, 167, Berlin, DE
Phone: +49 30 2067 2828

Not only is the white-walled atmosphere of Bocca di Bacco inviting, it’s great for people-watching. “This is a great place to spot iconic figures,” says Flea Hoefel Löhneysen, “but I’m generally too absorbed in the food and wine to notice what’s going on!” House favorites include mint-filled ravioli and lardo-wrapped monkfish, but sometimes the chef will make a dish upon request. “My husband insists on ordering the Calamaretti on Rucola, even though it’s not on the menu!” says Hoefel von Löhneysen.

Nichola Hunt

Cocktail aficionado. Large dog breed lover. Fondness of summer dresses. Hater of pickles. Born in London, based in Bali.

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