Best Baby Bottles: Comotomo

A lot has changed over the years, so why are modern parents still using the same types of bottles used in the days before modern advancements in babycare? That’s the question the folks behind Comotomo baby bottles asked themselves before embarking on a mission to create the best babie bottles by puting a stop to nipple confusion and changing the conventional thinking that all baby bottles should be made out of hard plastic.

Comotomo baby bottles were created to mimic Mom as much as possible, with wide mounds and a natural-shaped nipple. The body of the bottle is made with medical-grade silicone, which happens to be incredibly soft and skin-like, so baby can push and squeeze while he’s guzzling his milk. If you’re worried about colic, the Comotomo bottles were made with two vents to rid of any unnecessary air-gulping by your little one.

And when it comes to cleaning time, you’ll be so happy you went with a Comotomo bottle. Thanks to the ultra-wide necks, you can abandon your bottle-cleaning brush and easily fit your hand in there. But truthfully, who has the energy to clean a bottle at the end of a long day of diaper-wiping and baby-soothing? Silicone happens to be a pretty darn resistant material, so throwing these bottles in the dishwasher is worry-free