Beast Boutique


Address: Meguroku, Tokyo 1-3-9 Ue-Meguro , Meguro-ku, JP
Phone: +81 03 5794 881

While Beauty:Beast has an accessible website for you avid online shoppers, pop into this brand’s flagship store in Tokyo to see the fun, quirky designs in person. Takao Yamashita, the head designer of Beauty:Beast, has established a cult following for this unique brand in Japan. The name alone speaks to its paradoxical aesthetic, which applies to casual separates that are at once ugly, strange, and beautiful. Yamashita likes to work outside the world of conventional design, figuratively and literally, as he also designs off the catwalk for manga comics and has even created a virtual dress designer for computers. Needless to say, you can be sure to wow your circle of fashion savvy friends with some eclectic pieces from this unique brand.