OCCUPATION: Founder of Smarty

MY STYLE: I dress more simply than I decorate. I love black and white, or a lot of solid color, but for home, I love a mismatched hodge-podge. If I dressed like my house, it would be old clothes with new accessories, or vice versa.

I LOVE LOS ANGELES BECAUSE: We love Venice for beach proximity and amazing neighbors/cool community. We also spend time in Massachusetts, and I love the north shore (Manchester) for its magical landscape, singing beach, crickets in the summer, and boat rides at dusk.

Superba Snack Bar

Venice, California meets Venice, Italy at this breezy spot, which specializes in homemade pastas. Don’t let the “snack bar” heading fool you either, as a meal at Superba can be as leisurely or as formally intricate as you wish. The menu, categorized by origin of food (“From Our Backyard,” “From Our Hands,” etc.) includes everything from kale salad and summer melon to heavier gnocchis, macaroni, and other Italian favorites.


Moon Juice

Health nuts call it heaven. Each and every drink blend at Moon Juice—whether orange juice, spiced almond milk, or a shot of seaweed—is 100% organic, hydraulically pressed between two steel plates (a process that prevents over-heating or oxidizing), and packed wholly with nutrients, enzymes, minerals, and other vital elements. For those without access to the Rose Avenue storefront, you can purchase the juices, in individual bottles or packages, through the company website.


Hotel Casa del Mar

Aptly named the “house of the sea,” Casa del Mar is perched right at the edge of the water. Fountains and grandiose limestone frame the entrance to the sprawling lobby—the perfect relaxation spot after a day out and about in Santa Monica. From the outdoor patio of “Catch” restaurant, guests can enjoy fresh seafood and specialty cocktails with views of sunsets over the water, the Venice Boardwalk, and innumerable palm trees.


By-uti Salon

Pronounced “beauty,” By-uti salon was founded by Natasha Sunshine, a stylist known for working on the likes of Ivanka Trump, Molly Sims, and Gael Garcia Bernal. The salon’s six-stage consulting system helps ensure that each client leaves with a haircut, style, and color that suits her face, personality, and lifestyle. As Natasha states on her website, “clients love it because they feel taken care of and heard.”



A+R (short for “Andy & Rose”) is what happens when a design junkie and a pop culture writer get together. From smoke detectors to bedroom slippers, A+R curates the stuff of everyday life with a keen eye for design and usability. We love the sleek wire chairs and kitchen supplies (think futuristic mortal + pester and funky citrus reamers) almost as much as your kids will love the gumball machine, chalkboard wall stickers, building blocks, and animal balloon kits.